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Here you can follow the links to Candela, the blog of PTB's International Cooperation in Braunschweig. 
We support our partner countries in developing their quality infrastructure. On the blog you will find regular news about our projects and events. 


PTB swings into high gear

|   Candela-News

Emergency aid to COVID-19 testing facilities in the Palestinian territories

A call for help from the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National…

Fresh air from Africa

|   Candela-News

In mid-September, Department 9.3 became a meeting place for all of the experts who regularly work for PTB in Africa and the Middle East and the…

Quality Infrastructure and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

|   Candela-News

PTB published a study about the role of quality infrastructure for climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa. The study analyzes the contribution and…

20 cents go directly to pineapple farmers

|   Candela-News

The Edeka Görge supermarkets in Braunschweig are testing a pilot project for six months that enables customers to pay an additional 20 cents by using…

Morocco is now a member of the BIPM

|   Candela-News

After much preparation, our partner country Morocco joined the Metre Convention this year and therefore became one of the 60 Member States of the…

Sustainable development of photovoltaics in Tunisia: Quality is key

|   Candela-News

How is the photovoltaic sector structured in Germany? Which quality-assuring mechanisms exist to guarantee the quality and sustainability of PV…

Be sure to test your cement before committing to it (practically) forever! | Training course for the staff of cement testing laboratories in Berlin

|   Candela-News

Precisely 1,350 grams of sand, 450 grams of cement and 225 grams of water are carefully weighed, mixed according to a strict procedure and poured into…

How we make metrology stronger in southern Africa: Four quantities on tour

|   Candela-News

A set of weights from 1 g to 500 g is only one of several metrological artefacts representing one of four quantities that will go on tour over the…

Regional Metrology Network CEMACMET on an Advising Mission

|   Candela-News

Aristide Nguedeu's careful examination of calibration certificates and a discussion with those in charge of the visited labs to understand their…

Mauritania: On target for accreditation together with PTB

|   Candela-News

Mauritania has approximately 4.42 million inhabitants and a surface area of 1,030,700 km², making it almost three times larger than Germany. Being a…

Testing the water

|   Candela-News

Access to clean water has officially been a human right since 2010. But how can you detect contaminants in water? And who detects the germs in the…

African round robin of cement testing laboratories

|   Candela-News

Nods of appreciation at the construction site and closer looks at bricks: More than 30 African cement experts were impressed by the cutting-edge…