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Here you can follow the links to Candela, the blog of PTB's International Cooperation in Braunschweig. 
We support our partner countries in developing their quality infrastructure. On the blog you will find regular news about our projects and events. 


Establishing a fit-for-future NMI in Ghana

|   Candela-News

PTB’s International Cooperation and the Ghana Standards Authority, GSA, have been working together for over a decade. Now, with the most recent…

Improving pesticide surveillance in Ghana

|   Candela-News

A Ghanaian-German development cooperation success story


Pesticides may only be registered and marketed if they are not harmful to human health, do…

Safe and Sound Pharmaceutics Made in Africa

|   Candela-News

In nearly all areas of our everyday life, Covid-19 has been presenting us with huge challenges. This also applies to our work routines. Whereas people…

An alliance moves into the spotlight

|   Candela-News

Not everyone sees "Made in Africa" as a quality stamp yet, for sure. But it could soon be the case. The Alliance for Product Quality is working on it.…

Guidelines for remote assessments published

|   Candela-News

The year 2020 demanded that we take our digital work to the next level. A wide range of procedures could no longer be conducted in person as they…

Digital and phenomenal

|   Candela-News

What are we most likely to do when looking for specific information these days? We open a browser on our mobile phone or PC, select our favourite…

Support for young scientists

|   Candela-News

Recently, we received good news from Tunisia: metrology is now an integral component of university physics degree programmes! We were highly pleased…

Africa Industrialisation Week: On the way to sustainable industrialisation

|   Candela-News

Raising awareness of the progress that has been made in the industrialisation of the African continent and, on the other hand, of the challenges that…

QI supports intra-African trade

|   Candela-News

Creating an African single market – that is the aim of the African free trade treaty which came into force in 2019. An operational and well-developed…

Tunisia: A little help goes a long way in the fight against COVID-19

|   Candela-News

We received an unanticipated assignment from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche…

Retirement | Paul Date

|   Candela-News

Our dear colleague Paul Michael Date is now retiring. We wish him all the best for the future and would also like to express our sincere gratitude to…

Helping Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Climb the Quality Ladder

|   Candela-News

Measuring the Impact of Quality Infrastructure


“The screen is yours…” At other times, the introduction of a speaker at a global conference would be…